I am a RYT-500 and prana vinyasa certified instructor with TWO DECADES of yoga experience and a focus on holistic lifestyles, wellness, AND better decision-making.  I will help you find the OM you need to accomplish your personal and professional goals.  


Yoga is no longer a retreat from difficult periods in life. It brings the mindfulness needed to overcome stress and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Yoga is you – and you are it. Strive to be always present, always positive, but never perfect!


In physical yoga practice, I center on core strengthening and proper alignment, incorporating breathing techniques to guide the ebb and flow of each movement and heighten mind-body-spirit awareness. I believe a safe heated practice can be mentally and physically beneficial, allowing the practitioner to enter a deeply qualitative state of meditation. Using the holistic wellness system of Ayurveda, we will explore your constitution, health and wellness practices, as well as any situational challenges to help you to meet your goals.

We work with athletes to help strengthen core muscles, learn proper alignment, and adopt effective stretching and warming techniques to avoid injury. The Runner's OM method helps athletes relax the mind, hone concentration, and improve performance.


Off the mat, you will continue your practice by carrying your intention throughout the day, to guide you toward better decision-making and communication, and more holistic life choices. 


Serving Washington, D.C. metro area personal, organizational, and corporate clients. Travel based on availability.

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