Running Philosophy

I run because I love it.

I still run because I learned to balance my stride and my life.

There are many theories about running, yoga, cross-training, and general wellness and fitness. I believe everyone has to find what works for them. After a debilitating injury, I learned that a holistic path was best for recovery, improved fitness, and general well-being.

My philosophy centers on the premise that we should do something because we love it, that we should seek balance in our approach, and that we should share our rewards with others. Love it, balance it, share it.

I love running because it works the muscles, pumps the heart, and soothes the mind. After a certain number of miles, I often no longer worry about what came before or after - I am simply in the moment. Focus, agility, endurance - all great things. Weight control, lower blood pressure, decreased stress - awesome health benefits!  Pain, frustration, burnout - an unfortunate reality associated with the activities we love, and we should appreciate for the lessons learned.

As with anything in life, too much of any one thing can have an adverse effect. Running everyday, even when training for a longer race, renders high, forceful impact on the muscles and joints. Focusing on "fad" diets that cut out essential proteins, carbs, fats, and sugars render the body susceptible to break down and slow recovery. Regularly engaging in unproductive relationships or habits increases undue stress, inhibits proper brain function, and risks severe health problems. 

Running and yoga share many essential characteristics. In both, we focus on balance in the body, the breath, and the mind. Core energy and a balanced stride move our bodies forward, breath calms the body and helps regulate the nervous system, and fitness of the mind brings us back to the breath and form when we stray.  In combination with a healthy lifestyle, we are on our way to long-lasting fitness of mind, body, and spirit.

I am wonderfully excited to share this journey with you.