Running Technique

Core strength

Five of our seven energy centers are concentrated at the core - pelvic floor (root), sacrum, solar plexus, heart, and throat - and help move us forward physiologically. The other two energy centers - at the third eye and crown of the head - guide us spiritually and emotionally. Aligning and igniting these centers empowers our stride, our flow, and our life.

balanced stride

We maintain balance throughout our stride with a mid-foot strike when our foot hits the ground, evenly distributing weight upon impact, allowing all muscles involved to engage and release throughout the cycle. Too much initial weight on the ball or heel of the foot can overtax the engaging muscles in the front or back of the body. For example, if the Achilles tendon is not properly engaged, but instead is overstretched or deeply compressed because the foot fails to evenly meet the ground, you risk injury. When it lands evenly and experiences equal flexion and extension, it remains safe.

holistic cross-training

We need to examine other factors in life that affect our run - diet, lifestyle, schedule, etc.  Igniting the energy centers at the third-eye and crown of the head - our seats of intuition and higher consciousness - through meditation and regular yoga practice will help us to do this.