Balancing Energy

One of our hardest and most important tasks everyday is to find balance - in our activities, our relationships, our diet, etc. One approach to finding balance is to evaluate our actions throughout the day. For example, before we eat lunch, we may want to evaluate what we had for breakfast. Did we consume more carbohydrates, more protein, or more fiber? If we ate mostly carbohydrates, perhaps we should focus on a protein and fiber-based lunch. If we did not exercise yesterday, maybe we should do so today. If we spent most of our time during the day with our work colleagues, perhaps we should devote more time to family and friends in the evening.

Most importantly, if we haven't made time for ourselves, maybe we should dedicate ten minutes to finding a quiet place to reflect. During this time, maybe we try a different approach to balancing our energy.

Closing the eyes, we center our focus for a moment on our third eye and set an intent. Perhaps our intent is simply to focus, or to be grateful for this personal time. Perhaps our intent is to use the breath and energy centers in the body to help bring more balance into our lives:

Taking a deep breath, bring the hands to heart's center. Keeping the eyes closed, start to focus on the steady flow of energy from the pelvic floor, through the navel, along the inner-most part of our ribs, around the heart's center, passing through the throat, to the third-eye, and finally the crown of the head (these are the areas of the seven chakras, or energy centers, in our bodies). Imagine this energy flowing softly, smoothly - like a wave.

Next, observe the energy flow as it begins to slow down at heart's center. Focusing and opening the mind, imagine this energy center gathering between the hands in front of the body. Using the hands, hold that energy center in front as if it were the lightest basketball in the world. On an inhale, slowly begin to open the hands, allowing the heart, chest, and energy center to expand. On the exhale, slowly bring the energy center back to the heart. Inhale - expand; exhale - draw the energy center back to the heart. 

Take several repetitions, observing the movement of energy from it's stable core at heart's center to its flexible expansion across the body. After ten or more repetitions, slowly bring the energy center back to the heart, inviting it back into the body to create an internal sensation of stability and flexibility - your new balance. Perhaps, our balance begins to feel more natural, less deliberate, more innate. 

Remember to strive for balance during daily self-evaluation. While we will not always meet our goals, we can relax and find acceptance in knowing our positive intent was present. Tomorrow is another day and everyday is an opportunity for positive change.